Drum Lessons

With a degree in music and 15 years experience teaching all ages and abilities, Richmond enjoys a varied schedule of peripatetic teaching which currently includes the well known and prestigious Bethany School and Beechwood, Tunbridge Wells, as well as private 1-2-1 tuition from his home drum studio.

To date Richmond’s students have a 100% pass rate in grade exams, many with merits and distinctions.

Richmond has a real passion for teaching and puts his 25 years experience of playing, studying drums and performing music into each lesson. Whether you are a total beginner or a more advanced player Richmond will help you become the best drummer and musician you can be.

Drum lessons are half-hour (usually suited to younger students) or one hour in duration. Longer sessions can be arranged for advanced players, for example, when preparing to go into the studio or on the run up to grade exams.

“I aim for the lessons to be fun but one eye (or ear!) has to always be on the music. I steer all the material toward having a practical application. I'm a big fan of the drum rudiments (the building blocks of modern drumming) but you have to know how to use them. I've experienced many students coming from other drum teachers who have gone through the motions of learning certain exercises but have no idea why or how to use them! Hopefully that's where I come in...”

For more advanced players Richmond can help you focus on specific areas of interest, such as:
  • Hand technique (including 'Moeller' and finger control techniques)
  • Double bass drum
  • Linear Drumming
  • Timing/Grooves or 'pocket' playing
  • Working with a click/metronome
  • Afro Cuban/ Latin drum styles
  • Co-ordination and independence
  • Jazz (Cymbal time, dynamics, tone and inter-dependance)
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